10 Best Open Source Android Apps With Source Code

First of all let’s talk about open source what it is. It is like a source code, which is like a license, in which the original license holder gives the right to change, modify and distribute the software to someone else. Android is an open source operating system. However, there are many apps in the Google Play Store that are not open source. We can get many apps of apps on play store. There are only a few Android apps out there that are open source. So, today we are going to tell you about 10 best Android open source apps, which you can get for free on Google Play Store.

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Best open-source Android apps with source code:

1. NewPipe

NewPipe is somewhat a lightweight version of YouTube that unlocks a heap of otherwise restricted features. The app comes with a simple UI but is packed with some powerful features — background player, picture-in-picture mode, download support for offline playback and on top, it’s a completely free open-source Android app with no-ads. The main plus point of this app is its “extended privacy” — NewPipe protects user privacy since no proprietary Google APIs is there in the code and only send information which are required to get video and channel details.

  • Google Play: Not Available
  • Source code: GitHub

2. Telegram

Telegram is one of the mostly used encrypted instant messaging service available for Android and iOS. Learn from the Telegram code — how an instant messaging app with super security works.

3. Minimal ToDo

Minimal ToDo is a lightweight Android app for the to-do list. This app will help beginners to develop a simple yet powerful to-do list app.

4. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is a lite file manager app for Android with material design guidelines. There are a lot of things you can learn from this app, like how to manage files on SD cards, cloud services support, AES Encryption and Decryption of files for security, etc.

5. Open Camera

Open Camera is a fully featured and open-source camera app for Android devices. The project will help you know about how to add the auto-stabilization option on a camera app, how to take photo remotely by making a noise, multi-touch gesture and single-touch control on the camera app, etc.

6. Lawnchair Launcher

Lawnchair Launcher is a simple open-source Android launcher app bringing Pixel features. If you are developing a new Android launcher, then refer the codes of Lawnchair, because it may help you to integrate different Android customization options to your app.

7. Omni Notes

Fully-featured lightweight open-source Android note-taking application. With OmniNotes app source code will help to develop your own note talking application with features like basic add, modify, archive, trash and delete notes actions, insertion of an image, audio and generic file attachments in notes, including a To-do list feature on your note app, etc.

8. Super Clean Master

Similar to Clean Master app, Super Clean Master is used to clean up some junk data from your Android device. Super Clean Master project will help you to understand the collection and detection of junk files and how to handle it in an elegant way. the project is a little bit complicated, it will take some time for beginners to fully grasp the source code.

  • Google Play: Not Available
  • Source code: GitHub

9. TimberX Music Player

TimberX Music Player is one of the new open-source Android apps written in Kotlin. It comes with a simple UI with great features. The app source code will help you learn databinding and dependency injection with KOIN. The app has cross-platform support — it works on phones, Android Wear, Android Auto, Chromecast and other cast devices and Google Assistant.

10. LeafPic

LeafPic is a fluid, material-designed alternative gallery app for Android. It comes with all stock gallery features and the source code is really a helpful guide for a beginner Android developer.

  • Google Play: Not Available
  • Source code: GitHub

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