How to run windows 95 on android device

In this article, you will learn how to run windows 95 in limbo PC emulator (Android Phone). It is very easy to run windows 95/98 on android phone using limbo PC emulator. Follow below step and easily run windows 95/98 in any android phone using limbo PC emulator. So, Let’s start,

  • Step-1: Install limbo PC emulator using play store or limbo official site in your android phone.
  • Step-2: Download Windows 95/98 image file.
  • Step-3: Copy the windows 95/98 file in the limbo folder. Limbo folder situated at phone storage.
  • Step-4: Open Limbo PC emulator in your android phone and create a new machine and give name i.e.Windows 95
windows 95 limbo pc emulator creating new machine
windows 95 limbo pc emulator machine name
  • Step-5: Choose a Architecture x86 and Machine Type PC.
  • Step-6: Choose a CPU model qemu 32.
  • Step-7: Give a CPU cores and RAM according to your phone specification i.e.3 and 256MB.
  • Step-8: Select a Hard Disk A and click open and select a Windows 95/98 image file which you copy in limbo folder.
  • Step-9: Select a VGA Display type vmware.
  • Step-10: Choose a network type user and network card  ne2k_pci
  • Step-11: Choose a user interface SDL and orientation Landscape. Click a full screen option.
  • Step-12: Click a High Priority option. This feature can slow your phone but increase a limbo emulator speed.
  • Step-13: After these steps click a pause button then windows 95/98 running process started.Its can take 2 to 5 minutes depending on your phone speed.
windows 95 starting machine in limbo pc emulator
  • Step-14: After booting this can show this type interface and click cancel button.
windows 95 installation setup in limbo pc emulator
  • Step-15: Set a date and time and click OK.
windows 95 installation setup in limbo pc emulator
  • Step-16: After these your windows 95/98 is running.
windows 95 running in limbo pc emulator

Enjoy your Windows 95/98!


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Windows 95 image file

Limbo PC Emulator

Windows 98 image file

When your Phone have high ram and best Processor then you try windows 10 by clicking below link-

Windows 10 in limbo PC emulator android phone

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