Deepin OS: How to Install Deepin OS in VMware

In this article, I will show you how to install Deepin OS in VMware. VMware Workstation Player is a perfect software for running a single virtual machine on Linux and Windows-based PC.

Steps to Install Deepin OS on VMware

I’ll show you how you can install Deepin OS on your Windows 10 computer in seven easy steps. The steps are as follows:

  1. System Requirements
  2. Download and install the prerequisites.
  3. Enable virtualization on your Windows PC.
  4. Download and install Workstation Pro/Player on your PC.
  5. Create a New Virtual Machine for Deepin OS on VMware .
  6. Complete Installation Process

Step 1. System Requirements

Intel i5 or later
Ram 8GB (4GB for the Virtual Machine)
250GB HDD (120GB for the Virtual Machine

Step 2. Download and install the prerequisites

First and foremost, there are some prerequisites applications that you need to download to install Deepin OS on Windows PC via VMWare.

Step 3. Enable Virtualization on Your Windows PC

Modern CPUs contain hardware virtualization technologies that help in the acceleration of virtual machines generated by VMware Workstation. To use this functionality, however, you must first enable it. Please bear in mind that virtualization must be enabled on your system. Otherwise, you will receive the error message “Can’t open a session on the virtual machine.”

To check if your PC has the Virtualization chip on the motherboard, whether it is enabled or No, follow the below steps.

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + ESC.
  2. If you are opening the task manager for the first time, click on more options at the bottom.
  3. Go to the performance tab> click on the CPU.
  4. Check the status of the virtualization.

If the virtualization is not enabled, you have to visit the BIOS of your computer and enable it. A full detailed step-by-step guide on how to enable virtualization on Dell, HP, ASUS, and other brands is guided in the below post. First, configure the Virtualization tech, then move on to the next step.

Step 4: Install VMware Workstation

I presume all the above-mentioned applications are downloaded into your system. Now primarily, install the VMware Workstation Pro 16 or VMware Workstation Player 16. You don’t need to download and install both applications but install either one. Here we’ll show you VMware Workstation Pro 16 as an example.

  1. Right-click on the VMware workstation file that you’ve downloaded.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Click on the setup file and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the setup.
  4. Agree to the Terms & Conditions. 
  5. Click Next, Next, and complete the steps.
  6. Install and Finish the setup.

Step 5: Create a New Virtual Machine on VMware

The next step is to create a new virtual machine that will help to install Deepin OSon Windows PC.

  1. Launch VMware on your PC.
  2. Select Create a New Virtual Machine.
  3. Choose Typical(Recommended). Click Next.
  4. Select I will install the operating system later and click Next.
  5. From the guest operating system, go with Linux and choose Linux 5.x.
  6. Give the virtual machine a name, like Deepin OS and set a location, and click Next.
  7. Now increase the disk size to 120GB and choose Store virtual disk as a single file. Click Next.
  8. Select Customize Hardware.
  9. Set the memory size to 8GB and Processor to 4; this will ensure better performance.
  10. Choose New CD/DVD(SATA) from the menu. Go with use iso image file and Browse.
  11. Locate and open the Deepin OS ISO File.
  12. Lastly, Close and save all the changes and Finish the setup.

Step 6: Complete Installation Process

It’s time to install the Deepin OS on VMware .

  • Select the  Deepin OS VM and then click on Play virtual machine.
  • Choose the default boot menu “Select Install Deepin 20.7”.
  • Select your language (English), then select the License Agreements, and then click Next.
  • Read the friendly notes and then click Next.
  • Create partitions, Choose Full Disk Option select the Virtual Drive to install Deepin OS and then click Next.
  • Ready To Install, Select Continue.
  • Deepin OS will now start the installation.
  • After Installation is Complete, Choose Reboot Now.
  • Select Deepin 20.7 GNU/Linux.
  • Choose deepin language, accept the license agreement and then click Next.
  • Select your Keyboard Layout, (I will selecting English (U.K.). Click next
  • Select your Location on the Map or from the list timezone and then select Next.
  • Enter a username, a PC name will be created from your username but you can change it. Then type a password, confirm the password. Select Next.
  • The setup will take some time for Tuning System.
  • Deepin Linux login screen, type your password and hit Enter.
  • The Deepin Android is installed on a Virtual Machine, you can use Normal Mode which is less graphics-intensive and has good performance on a Virtual Machine.
  • Now Explore the Deepin OS in VMware.

Deepin OS Start Menu



That’s how you can Install Deepin OS on VMware on Windows 10 PC and laptop with ease and with a step-by-step guide. If you have any kind of questions or encounter any kind of problem, please let me know in the comment section. Good Luck!

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