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Program of Sum of digits in C++

This article shows that Program of Sum of digits in C++. We can write the sum of digits of number program in C++ language by the help of loop and mathematical operation only.

Calculator Program in C++

In this article, we will create calculator program in C++ using functions and do-while loop. A calculator is a portable device or a software program

Char array to string in C++

“char” data type or a character data type is used to store letters, unlike numbers and integers, which are stored in “int”, “double” and “float” or true-false value in “bool”.

C++ Program to generate Fibonacci Triangle

In this program, we are getting input from the user for the limit for fibonacci series triangle, and printing the fibonacci series for the given number of times (limit).

C++ Program to print Number Triangle

Like C++ program of alphabet triangle, we can write the C++ program to print the number triangle. The number triangle can be printed in different ways.